UK public challenge PM's 'vague' messaging – BBC News


Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended the UK government’s decision to change the “stay at home” message for England, insisting that “stay alert” is “absolutely the right message for our country”, saying the French government had gone with “roughly the same sort of thing”
He sought to explain the message, criticised by many as confusing, saying “we’re asking people to stay alert… for the vast majority that means staying at home as much as possible”
According to Johnson, if people in England do not have access to childcare, “then I think it’s only fair to regard that as an obvious barrier to their ability to go back to work and I’m sure employers would agree with that”
Chief Medical Officer for England Prof Chris Whitty said scientists had decided the risk of transmission was “much lower outdoors” than indoors, but that the risk was “not zero”
Chris Whitty said he was “very confident” a solution to coronavirus would be found, but that it would “take time”
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