Parent re-watches baby monitor to see child eerily stare at door as ‘voice’ speaks

The child waking up and staring at the door

A parent has been left seriously spooked out after noticing a “voice” speaking to her daughter in the dead of night.

Chilling footage that would not be out of place in Paranormal Activity shows the young girl slowly sitting up in bed before staring at the door.

For the first several moments, nothing can be heard, but 10 seconds into the video a muffled sound is captured.

The youngster continues to stare at the bedroom door before the short video comes to an end.

Reddit user elsodo14 shared the video to a ghost channel yesterday, where it received more than 1,000 upvotes.

The child waking up and staring at the door

Explaining what happened in the caption, they wrote: “Everyone was asleep in the house, but something told me to check my daughter’s monitor.

“She was sleeping, then sat up and stared at the door.

“The background noise is her sleep sounder. Around the 10 second mark there is a strange noise.”

The uploader then asked viewers what they thought the noise sounded like.

Many claimed to hear the word “listen” around the 10-second mark, with one writing: “Does sound like ‘listen’ a male voice followed by a different voice maybe female but it’s not clear.”

Another agreed, saying they heard “listen” twice.

Some even claimed to also hear knocking during the video.

“Before the 10-second mark I very clearly hear knocking as well,” one wrote.

But others said they heard nothing like an actual word.

The Reddit user who uploaded the video then offered an even spookier update.

“I asked my daughter if she remembered waking up and she does not,” they said.

“I showed her the video and asked why she sat up and she said ‘because I did’.

“My main reason for concern, or wondering if this was more than a glitch, was that I awoke and felt such a strong need to check on her right when this happened.”

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