Mystery as night sky turns bright pink over ‘one particular area’


A strange sight appeared in a New York state that saw the sky glowing in bright pink at night.

Video taken by Niagara resident, Brandi Maureen, shows a hue of purple-pink colour lighting up the night sky over a field as she films by the roadside on May 14.

She says: “The light looks like a dark purple but it’s pink. LIke it’s literally…pink.

“We just came from Rochester, New York, we just refuel in New York and the sky is literally pink in one particular area right here.

“No where else in the sky is this weird colour. We don’t know what the hell is going on.”

The sky looks bright pink in the eerie clip

She pans the camera around to show the sky behind her then pans to back to the right.

“Look, dark…then wow! That colour!” she explains.

“It looks like there is a different colour at the bottom. It is weird!”

The clip was shared on to a conspiracy YouTube channel, known as “Mavi777”, as part of a compilation clip of UFO sightings.

Brandi said the pink light only appeared in one particular area but not elsewhere
Brandi said the pink light only appeared in one particular area but not elsewhere

Bizarrely, similar sightings happened in the past year as residents living in Wheatfield, which is also located in the Niagara county, witnessed the purple-pink light in the sky.

It is understood that commercial greenhouse operators used pink and purple LED lights to help their flowers and vegetation grow.

The purple and pink colour is said to be a closer match to the light plants use for photosynthesis.

The colour lighting can be adjusted due to the type of vegetables or flowers and the violet light were previously used in some greenhouses to grow medical hemp.

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